Athletes learn from Video

Access videos in a structured manner via the Invictus platform

8 out 10 want feedback  

Grassroots athletes  practice what they watch  and want feedback from content creators 

Provide Feedback and Earn $$$

Use the Invictus platform to learn and earn by giving feedback to grassroots athletes 

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About invictus

Inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube. We asked grassroots athletes how they used video to learn? 8 out 10 told us they practised what they watched in order to improve. The missing link was the ability to get feedback from the Content Creators they were seeking to emulate 

Out of that, the Invictus SportsTech Creator Economy Platform was born

Get feedback from Experts

Step 1

Login and watch videos of your preferred sport, to learn new skills. Content is carefully curated and organised in a structured way to save you time

Step 2

Then practice what you've watched to get better at the skill you are learning. When ready record yourself performing the skill and send it off

Step 3

Using the inbuilt Athlete Feedback tool, your Content Creator will review your effort and provide specific feedback. Delivered straight to your dashboard

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