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Use the Invictus platform to learn and earn by giving feedback to grassroots athletes 

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Learning by Watching Videos


Are You Learning New Skills from Youtube?

If you're one of the millions who turn to YouTube and other platforms to learn new skills, you know how powerful these resources can be. Watching your favorite athletes and coaches demonstrate techniques and drills is incredibly inspiring and informative. But what if you could take it one...

Posting videos on social media?

Your followers are watching your skills tutorials and then practicing – the missing link is feedback! Use our coaching fee calculator to estimate how much you will earn by providing feedback. Simply refer to your most popular video and check how many views it received. Then make an assumption about what percentage would take up your offer to receive feedback. Specify how much you would charge to provide feedback. The calculator estimates how much you will earn after deducting platform charges. This will help you make informed decisions about pricing your coaching services and ensure transparency in understanding your earnings. Note: Your final earnings are subject to fees and commissions from your financial institution.

Total Views
% of People Wanting Feedback
Amount Charged for Feedback
Net Revenue How much you will earn (after charges)

Get feedback from Experts

Step 1

Login and watch videos of your preferred sport, to learn new skills. Content is carefully curated and organised in a structured way to save you time

Step 2

Then practice what you've watched to get better at the skill you are learning. When ready record yourself performing the skill and send it off

Step 3

Using the inbuilt Athlete Feedback tool, your Content Creator will review your effort and provide specific feedback. Delivered straight to your dashboard

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