Invictus is a creator economy platform for the sporting world. It's a platform that sports content creators can use to earn money from, by providing skills feedback to grassroots athletes. Here is how it works

The invictus platform complements your existing strategy by increasing your views. Visitors to our platform will be directed to your social media links. All you need to do, is create an account and add the social media links to your videos

Unlike social media, our platform allows athletes to send you their attempt at replicating your skills. Then you can provide feedback using our video analysis tool and earn for your services

Our platform also allows them to access your content in a systematic manner. Below is an example of how we have segmented soccer related content


Presently only your YouTube videos and you will need to enter the full web address. See instructional video in your dashboard

You control how much you charge for a video analysis of a grassroots athlete's skills. It is completely at your own discretion, the Invictus platform charges you a service fee of 22% for using the platform and video analysis tool. For example, for every $10 transaction, a fee of $2.20 is charged to you.

See how much you can earn by visiting the earnings calculator: 

Yes, inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube, we asked grassroots athletes how they used video to learn? 8 out of 10 told us that they usually practised what they watched. Most importantly, they were open to paying and receiving feedback from content creators they are seeking to emulate

Below are the results to a short survey we did, asking grassroots athletes how they use video to learn new skills?

Comprehensive "how-to videos" are available in the Tutorial section of your dashboard.  Providing feedback is a simple process and here is how you do it: . If you need help, please reach out to

You will get paid via your nominated bank account. You will need to set up your payment profile and then request payment once you complete the video analysis. Instructional videos are available in your dashboard.  All you need to do is register and access the dashboard to view the videos. Drop us a line at with any questions

Invictus is a multisport creator economy platform and over time we will increase the number of sports  and skills categories. If you have any suggestions in respect to adding any specific sports. Please get in touch via

If you are a sports content creator and can present with authority. Plus, willing to give feedback and earn for your services. Then you should be on this platform

When they get to the Invictus platform, they will need to navigate to the sport your videos are uploaded to. Then, all they need to do is search your name in the text box which is in the top right corner of the page (image below)

You can also send them or promote the link to your feedback offer on your social media accounts 


The platform has been designed to analyse an athlete’s skill or technique NOT entire game analysis. Therefore, they can’t send you the clips of an entire game. Instead they could send you small sections of it. Or more specifcially their attempt at replicating your skills that they've watched 

The maximum size of a video is 200 MB. How many minutes that equals to? It really depends on the video resolution.

As of now, not yet. It is in our product roadmap to deliver a version in Android and iOS as part of  our next development milestone

Direct all questions to