Inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube. We asked grassroots athletes how they used video to learn? 8 out 10 told us they practised what they watched in order to improve. The missing link was the ability to get feedback from the Content Creators they were seeking to emulate 

Out of that, the Invictus SportsTech Creator Economy Platform was born


The Olympian who learnt from YouTube got us thinking ...

It sparked our curiosity and we discovered the following:

  • The ones that need grassroots coaching don’t always have access to the right coaches and expertise because coaches can't get to every nook and cranny. Unless we can democratise sport coaching. We will always have marginalised grassroots athletes 
  • Video is a great way to learn new tricks and skills. Mediums such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are full of quality sports content created by experienced athletes. The missing link is the ability to get feedback and interact with content creators
  • Less obvious is a much larger problem. As a society we have failed some of our budding athletes. Many are chasing their sporting dreams at the expense of financial stability. Often finding it challenging to make ends meet, we want to change this


Fuelled by this curiosity and  insight we dug deeper…

YouTube the very same platform that helped develop an Olympic star, has over 51 million channels to date and more than 2 billion monthly logged-in users who generate billions of views. 500 hours of video content is being added to the YouTube platform every minute.

According to think with google:

  • 79% of YouTube sports video viewers said that the platform has sports and fitness content that can't be found elsewhere 
  • 70% of millennials said that they watch YouTube to learn how to do something new 
  • Searches for “how to” sports videos have doubled over the last year

We too spoke to grassroots athletes and discovered the following 



Here's what we did about it ...

Because we know grassroots athletes can benefit from getting feedback from sports content creators. And, content creators need better avenues to monetise their craft. In 2022, we built and launched our very own creator economy platform with an inbuilt Athlete Feedback tool. Over time, we will be making improvements to the VA tool. 

Aside from improving the Athlete Feedback tool, our longer-term vision is to offer the Invictus platform in a mobile app format. Additionally, we are seeking to integrate with wearables and sensors to create a superior precision remote coaching experience


Here's how we are improving the video learning experience...

For the Athlete 

  • Content is segmented based on skills to save time and effort 
  • Content can be curated to design personalised learning experiences
  • Instant access to global experts that are willing to provide feedback

For the Content Creator

  • Athletes can access your content in a more systematic manner 
  • An opportunity to give your viewers what they want - feedback!
  • Global reach that can lead to new digital opportunities