Invictus is a creator economy platform for the sporting world. It's a platform that grassroots athletes can use to watch curated skills content for their sport. They can also use the platform to get feedback from content creators who they are seeking to learn from.. Here is how it works

Unlike social media, our platform allows athletes to send content creators their attempts at replicating their skills. They can then provide feedback using our video feedback tool. Payment is also collected via our platform, in essence one central location for the entire interaction 


It depends on the content creator, it’s at their discretion in respect to what they want to charge in order to provide feedback. However, it’s free for grassroots athletes to access the Invictus platform and watch videos 

Yes, inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube, we asked grassroots athletes how they used video to learn? 8 out of 10 told us that they usually practised what they watched. Most importantly, they were open to paying and receiving feedback from content creators they are seeking to emulate


There is a short video in the tutorial section of your dashboard. All you need to do is register and access the dashboard to view the video.Drop us a line at with any questions

Invictus is a multisport creator economy platform and over time we will increase our reach. If you have any suggestions in respect to adding any specific sports. Please get in touch via

The maximum size of a video is 200 MB. How many minutes that equals to? It really depends on the video resolution. 

As of now, not yet. It is in our product roadmap to deliver a version in Android and iOS as part of  our next development milestone

Direct all questions to