How to use the Athlete Feedback Tool?

POSTED ON:2022-06-04 09:08:00.

The objective of the Invictus platform is to enable Sports Content Creators to provide feedback to their viewers.  Here’s how to provide feedback using the inbuilt  Athlete Feedback tool:

Step 1 - Locate videos for analysis

  • Register and login to your dashboard, the Service Video Request tab in your dashboard will display what videos are available for analysis
  • Additionally you can also check the notification section of your dashboard.
  • Watch this video for more details

Step 2 - Review Video and Capture Frames 

  • Be be clear as to what type of feedback you have been tasked to provide 
  • Watch the video that you’ve been sent as many times as needed
  • Be sure sure to slow down the playback speed when watching it 
  • Watch this video for more details 

Step 3 - Mark up frames with feedback 

  • There are a few ways you can do this. There is the option of adding text and shapes to highlight points 
  • Be sure to hit the Enter key after typing text in the text boxes 
  • Remember to ALSO  hit Save after working on each frame 
  • Watch this video for more details

Step 4 - Add Voice Notes 

  • You have the option of adding voice notes for each frame or just one voice note elaborating on all the frames
  • The Video Analysis tool with attach the voice notes and prepare it to be sent back to the athlete in MP4 format  
  • Watch this video for more details

Over time, we  will make changes and improvements to the overall tool. For now, we hope that our actions are the catalyst to something bigger and better 

Invictus SportsTech is a Creator Economy Platform that is inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube. We are enabling sports content creators to monetise their craft by providing feedback to their viewers. Our long term mission is to end mental and financial hardship faced by our sporting community. For more information, visit us at