Benefits of watching content on the Invictus Platform

POSTED ON:2022-06-04 09:16:00.

The current generation of grassroots athletes watch videos to learn new tricks and skills. In fact this is nothing new, Julius Yego an Olympic medalist learnt to throw the Javelin by watching videos. Hence the nickname “YouTube Man” 

Motivated by the exploits of Julius Yego we explored what role we can play to help grassroots athletes learn more effectively via video. We built the Invictus platform to deliver the following benefits to grassroots athletes:

  • Receive Feedback: We’ve have an inbuilt video analysis tool to enable athletes to record themselves performing a skill and send it to their creator of choice. So that the Content Creator can effectively review and provide feedback to grassroots athletes 
  • Structure: When looking for content, it can be a very time consuming process. If you are following someone via their social media accounts, you need to go through their entire content in order to find what you want. We have segment content based on skills. See example below, for soccer.

  • Customise: We know, to be the complete player or athlete - you need to take the positive influences of different creators and skills. Our platform allows you to curate content to build your own learning curriculum. See this video for more details 

Above all, grassroots athletes via the Invictus platform have access to global experts who can offer a different approach and style to improve their game. We are only just getting started. Join us as we democratise  sports coaching


Invictus SportsTech is a Creator Economy Platform that is inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube. We are enabling sports content creators to monetise their craft by providing feedback to their viewers. Our long term mission is to end mental and financial hardship faced by our sporting community. For more information, visit us at