Sports Content Creators, Give your viewers what they want - Feedback !

POSTED ON:2022-06-04 09:53:00.

Inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube, we reached out to grassroots athletes to ask them how they used video to learn new skills and tricks for their sport?

The results very extremely insightful:

  • Above 80% told us they used video platforms like YouTube to learn new skills 
  • Over 90% said that they were keen to get feedback from content creators 
  • Almost all of them were open to the idea of paying content creators for feedback

See survey snapshot below :

Searching for content on social media can be time consuming. So we asked athletes if organising content for them in a systematic manner would help? Again 90% of them told us that this would be helpful. So we did the following:

  • Segmented content by skills for each sport
  • Allowed athletes to bookmark and create a customised curriculum in their dashboard
  • And off course, the ability to get feedback and download those videos for their keeping

In summary, if you are a content creator that is giving away all your skills and knowledge for free with the hope of gaining followers. Only for your upsell to be a generic product like clothing, vitamins or equipment. Think again, you already have a captive audience that wants your feedback. Join the Invictus movement and start monetising your craft by giving feedback. Reach out with any questions -

Invictus SportsTech is a Creator Economy Platform that is inspired by the Olympian who learnt from YouTube. We are enabling sports content creators to monetise their craft by providing feedback to their viewers. Our long term mission is to end mental and financial hardship faced by our sporting community. For more information, visit us at